Micro Inverter
  • Aluminum alloy shell and waterproof (IP67), streamline design, built-in high performance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function, better to track change on solar luminosity and control different output power, effectively capture and collect sunlight.
  • AC electric power transmission based on advanced reverse transmission technology which is one of our patented technologies, load priority and the rest electricity to the Grid, high electricity transmission efficiency up to 99%. Excellent stability, reliability, safety and heat dissipation.
  • Perfect communication solution of wireless 433 / 462MHz between micro inverter and collector
  • Intelligent monitoring system, the collector is able to collect / track real time data on each PV module and transmit to PC, user can easily control micro inverter’s startup / shutdown / power regulation by software.
  • Ingenious and modular connection accessories (cable and connector) for micro inverter cluster to ensure economy, easy installation and safety.


High performance micro inverter

  • Input/output isolated to protect safety
  • Rapid MPPT tracking technology
  • Superior PV energy harvest
  • Excellent resist moisture performance
  • High overload capacity

Easy and afford to install

  • Light weight and compact size
  • Outdoor application with firm IP67
  • Ingenious and modular end connection
  • Reverse connection prevention design
  • Flexible installation

Data transmission & communication

  • Intelligent remote monitoring system
  • Real-time data for each PV module
  • Wireless 433/462MHz communication
  • RS232 or wifi interface
  • LED indication implies system status

Cost advantages

  • Wide input voltage for solar PV modules
  • Higher Performance-to-price-ratio
  • Low transport cost by small size design
  • Low maintenance expense

Micro Inverter - WVC-295

Input Data WVC-295(120VAC / 230VAC)
Recommended Input Power 300Watt
Recommended PV Modules 300W/Vmp>34VDC/Voc>50VDC
Maximum Input DC Voltage 50VDC
Peak Power Tracking Voltage 22~50VDC
Operating Voltage range 17~50VDC
Min./Max. Start Voltage 22~50VDC
Maximum DC Short Current 15A
Maximum Input Current 9.8A
Peak Output Power 300Watt 300Watt
Rated Output Power 287Watt 289Watt
Rated Output Current 2.08A 0.92A
Rated Voltage Range 80~160VAC 180~260VAC
Rated Frequency Range 50~60Hz 50~60Hz
Power Factor (Cosθ) >96% >96%
Maximum Units Per Sub-circuit 6pcs(Single-phase) 12pcs(Single-phase)
Static MPPT Efficiency 99.5% 99.5%
Maximum Output Efficiency 96.5% 97%
Euro Efficiency 95.5% 96.2%
Consumption at Night <50Mw Max. <70Mw Max.
THD <3% <3%
Environment Temperature -40℃ + 60℃
Operating Temperature (Inside Inverter) -40℃ + 80℃
Electrical Isolation Transformer
Cooling Concept Self-Cooling
Degree of Protection (Waterproof) IP67
Communication Mode Wireless 433 / 462MHz, RS232 / Wifi Interface
Power transmission mode Reverse Transfer, Load Priority
Dimension (W Ⅹ H Ⅹ D mm) 195mm Ⅹ 130mm Ⅹ 32mm
Net Weight (Kg) 0.85Kg.
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN50081. PART 1, ENSS50082. PART 1
Grid Disturbance EN61000-3-2, Safety 62109
Grid Detection DIN VDE 1026, UL1741
Certifications CEC, CE
Warranty 5 years
* AC rated voltage range and frequency range depends on local standards.
* The monitoring software has ability to simultaneously run recommend 100 units micro inverter.